Monday, April 7, 2014

I Am Malala- Inspiring Girls In Homeless Shelters

As some of you may know I've been asking friends to donate one book in particular for my workshops with teenage girls in the NYC shelter system. That book is I Am Malala, The Girl That Was Shot In Her Head By The Taliban

One day, while doing my standard workshop, I decided to change the flow and read a few paragraphs from this book. While reading, I noticed some of the girls were in shock, some had tears in their eyes, but I had their full attention. They were in awe that a 16 year-old girl would stand up to the Taliban because she believed in education for all.

When I was done there was a silence. The girls were inspired that someone their own age could be so brave. Words cannot describe their faces in that moment.

I then asked, “Is there anything they would like to see changed in their communities?” Before I could finish, one girl shouted "Gun violence!"  "More support for teen moms raising a child," said another. Then one tiny 12 year-old girl said, "…bullying against children who live in homeless shelters." My heart literally broke.

Next I asked them, "Do you think you have the power to change these things?” I could see the frustration in their faces as they thought about the question.

We discussed ways each girl could inspire friends and their families to help create ideas to make a change. We discussed the power of organizing within the shelter to create a stronger, unified voice.

In the end I gave each girl a copy of the book. They were ecstatic!

So far I have done two workshops using this book to inspire girls at two
different shelters. I hope to get more copies and spread her message to even more

Want to know more about Malala? Here's a video of Malala’s interview on John Stewart’s, The Daily Show. It’s pretty incredible.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Runway To Everyday

These two looks are inspired by the hair from Carolina Herrera Fall 2014 RTW and Elie Saab from his haute couture show in Paris 2014. Both looks were originally created by Orlando Pita.

Look 1
The first look is a high chignon. I decided to alter the shape and technique a bit for everyday.

First I made a tight, clean ponytail. Using a packet of hair, I purchased at the Wig Shop on 14thstreet, I cut it in half without unraveling all the hair

 I pinned one half above the ponytail and one half below.
I then curled the hair with the T3 Body Waver to seal the cuticle adding shine and bounce to the ponytail. You can see it on the table:)

Next I wrapped the three pieces into a bun. It's very important to use hair pins as you work, as it's the only way you’ll have control.
After pinning the bun in place, you can literally squeeze the entire chignon into a shape that flatters you.

Look 2
The second style looks simple but was a pain in the ass! Lol! I'm not perfect… :)

I removed the bun, brushed the hair out and sprayed some Revive Dry Shampoo by Orlando Pita.

I started by taking a section from ear to ear (above the top of the head).

Next I flat-ironed the back section of her hair using my new SinglePass Flatiron from T3 and back-combed the crown for volume.

I made a short, clean center part. Then I rolled the two front sections about 2 inches above the ear. To get rid of the two pieces (or tails) of hair you're left with after rolling, simply pin them underneath the back section (at the back if the head.)

Looks good…however I need to chat with Orlando Pita to perfect this.

Photographer Jiyang chen
Makeup Gina Daddona


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No More Perfect Curls with The Curling Iron

A recent hair fad that was embraced by women of all ages and races has finally come to an end. Long "pretty hair", with perfect waves (created by a curling iron) has been replaced by a more natural, fresh modern approach (amen)...

Yes it was fun when it started…however it seemed to suck the population dry of all individuality and personal style. With that fad behind us, I welcome the much needed change!

Now we’re seeing on the runways the use of extensions to create thickness at any length instead of adding hair to create an obvious unnatural length. Another fad is wearing your hair in a fabulous updo's which were also on the runways for Spring/summer 2014.

My model who beautiful as she is sweet was new to the industry, she had very long but fine hair, but the last 5 inches were fine. For her first look I purchased hair from Helena's in NYC and Glued in tracks to add thickness and density at the ends.

Look 1
The first look I kept very natural. I curled her hair using the T3 BodyWaver Iron and then brushed it out. Notice softer without all the tight waves and tendrils. For the women that can't wear their hair messy, this is a good option.

Look 2
For the second look I used a tiny bit of Phyto Texturizing Cream and ran it through her hair with my fingers. It helped her hair regain some of it's texture and added a messier look. Then I lightly sprayed it with Elevate by Orlando Pita and T3. I’m sorry to say, it's been discontinued so you won’t find it anywhere online. :(

Look 3
The final look is an updo that was inspired by the hair from Carolina Herrera’s spring/summer 2014 show.

This is a great look for women of all ages and all hair textures. Even with extensions in the model’s hair, I still was able to put it up.

Below are some quick tips on how to achieve this look:

1) If you have fine, straight hair I recommend adding volumizing spray to the roots & ends. Dry your hair with your fingers and make a center part to complete the look.

2) For curly hair that's fine, blow dry the middle part and the nape (the hair just above your neck line.) This will allows the areas that show to look clean, but then the natural texture will give you some fullness when the look is done.

3) For women with thick, coarse hair, first blow dry your hair and then apply a flat iron to achieve the final look.

These are great instructions to give to your hairstylist as well.

Stay tuned for more runway styles that you can transform into an everyday look!

Makeup By Gina Daddona


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Michael Kors Fall 2014

"California girl moved to NYC for the winter and she's been urbanized"  that's how Orlando described the hair for today's show.

The hair was messy. textured and chunky, (not frizzy, wispy or flat). Then a loose braid was done at the back and tucked at the nape. What I loved about this style and technique is it can be used on all hair types.
Now remember, it's a "hairstyle" so it will take some "hairstyling" to achieve this look. In other words don't think because it's messy you can just tool out of bed and do a braid and voila! No honey boo boo child, if your hairs curly blow-dry it and flatiron if necessary. If your hair is clean and silky, dirty it-up a bit.

Click Here to see the Products used to achieve this look!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oscar De La Renta Fall 2014

As I mentioned in my last article, when you assist Orlando Pita at Fashion Week, be prepared for a few surprises. Yesterday at Oscar De La Renta's Fall fashion show, we were all shocked to see 41 beautiful human hair wigs that needed to be cut short! As my friend would say, "Girl we gagged!!!"

Orlando started his demo and in no time the model was transformed.

 It was no easy task getting 41 girls to hair and makeup and on the runway in a few hours, but as usual we pulled it off.
 The girls were stunning! See if you can recognize your favorite super model?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Carolina Herrera NYFW14

Today we faced a huge challenge at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. At the Carolina Herrera show Orlando Pita had us create an elegant bun that was absolutely jaw-dropping.

When Orlando Pita showed us the demo, he made it seem effortless.
 But having worked with him for several seasons now and seen the level of skill involved in each hair style, we all knew the more simple the do, the harder it is to create.

The way it works is that every models' finished hair style must get Orlando's stamp of approval before they are sent off to get dressed. So off we went, working each bun til it was perfectly symmetrical and clean.
This look has the fashion world talking and Carolina Herrera designs were flawless!


Sunday, February 9, 2014


As we arrived for the second show of the day, we were all excited to see what DVF and Orlando Pita had instore for us. As Orlando started the demo, he explained that this look was inspired by a ballerina rehearsing in a dance studio with a messy bun that was obviously done in a hurry, but with the power to stay in place. The bun was placed in line with the ear and cheek bones, directly at back of the head (not on top).

First, we started off by not brushing the hair, only raking through it with our fingers. Using only fingers allows for the hair to still look a bit messy and textured. 
Then we took an elastic and made a ponytail. We started twisting the tail of the hair into a bun.

However as the bun started taking shape, we intentionally pinned the hair along the way, distorting the shape from a perfect bun to a messier slept-in bun.


Several of the models had vastly different textures of hair and some were coming from previous shows with loads of product still in their hair. This made our job even more time consuming, as there are no sinks backstage to wash hair!
To complete the look, we used Biosilk Strong Hold Finishing Spray to take care of any fly-aways and voila!

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Derek Lam Fall NYFW 2014

Orlando Pita called us together early in the morning at the site for the Derek Lam fashion show and gave us a demo. For this show, the hair was inspired by different ethnic tribes. This particular look evolved...first at the trial he created a different hairstyle for Derek and as they were changing it, Derek said, "Stop! That's it!"

To begin with, we blew dry the hair with Phytovolume actif, when we were done blowdrying we then parted it down the middle. Next, taking the hair in large sections, we made soft waves using the T3 Bodywaver Curling Iron.
 If you have long hair and are tired of the barrel curls or the waves, which is considered old school, get this tool!
We then secured the middle part and front section of hair with Phyto Strong Sculpting Gel and Phyto Glossing Cream (only the front). We slicked back the front and made a ponytail.

 Taking the ponytail in one hand high into the air, we then backed-brushed the tail from the the end of the tail to the base of the tail using a large Mason Pearson brush.
After all the hair was backed-brushed we then lightly smoothed the surface of the tail.. We finished the look by spraying the hair with Phytolaque from Phyto. Take a look at Orlando working his magic..

 The incredible Tom Pecheux doing amazing makeup!

Fall 2014 is all about sporting a non-descpipt look for the everyday. It's more about your natural length rather than the long flowing tresses of years past...

Thanks Orlando Pita for a great show!!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Coture 2014

I'm sharing one of my favorite shows from Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014, Ulyana Sergeenko. All of her garments are made in the designer's homeland of Russia and feature hand-beaded fringing, soft, flowing silks & cotton and elegantly detailed craftsmanship.

I absolutely love, love, love her work! The show's music, which was kinda sexy yet eerie was also fantastic. :)
And let's not forget about the hair which was pretty incredible! Orlando Pita designed a beautiful finger wave which then transformed into a braided double bun. You can also see more of Orlando's work on instagram @orlandopitahair

Great job guys!!!